about us

Since 1995 we have been providing timely and accurate information to help our clients to understand and engage their current and potential customers.

Founded and managed by market research experts Adrian Lechter and Sandra Tartonne, Focus99 comprises a multicultural team of professionals, experienced in a wide spectrum of product and service categories. This team helps design and implement a variety of high-quality research studies that generate reliable data, useful to create meaningful brand experiences and to develop sensible marketing strategies. See Client List.


US General Market
Over 300 million consumers make up one of the most dynamic economies in the planet. Taking into consideration all their differences, similarities and nuances in terms of age, income, education, geography and ethnicity, this complex market can be intimidating. With over 50 years of combined market research experience, our team assists clients' decision-making in determining market opportunities, penetration tactics, and growth strategies by understanding what consumers want, how they act, and why they do so in particular ways.

US Hispanic
Since 1995 the US Hispanic population has been growing faster than any other group, becoming the largest minority in the country. Over 50 million Hispanics, with a purchasing power close to 1.5 trillion dollars per year, are generating new segments and markets that require an original and creative strategic approach. Depending on the origin and acculturation level of the target, we customize research studies in the main Hispanic markets of the country in order to understand the lifestyle and habits of each subgroup.

Latin American Division
As a consequence of social, political, financial and commercial changes taking place in most Latin American countries, new markets and opportunities are developing fast. These markets have over 500 million consumers that must be approached with clear positioning strategies to be able to compete efficiently with products, companies and services already established. We design and coordinate research studies through an office in Argentina and a network of associates in every Latin American country. All projects incorporate cultural insights from research professionals with vast experience in each of the countries.