Quality fieldwork is all about locating the right respondents at the right time to elicit the right information. To do this, we employ a highly mobile team of motivated and educated interviewers that are trained regarding sampling procedures, means to get cooperation from respondents, role of verbal and nonverbal cues in influencing respondents, and other procedures and skills.

Interviewers are selected according to each project’s target and topic. They are given detailed background training before starting any assignment, and are closely supervised by a project director. They also ensure the security of data, to guarantee the clients’ confidentiality and to protect the respondents' privacy. Total control over all stages of the data collecting and management process assures timely, high-quality information.

Depending on the objectives and target, we conduct interviews over the phone, in person (using tablets for efficient data management) and online (to be answered on computers or Smartphones).

Fieldwork projects in which we have extensive experience include: Awareness and Habits, Customer Satisfaction, Tracking Studies, Usage and Taste Tests, Advertising Research, Opinion and Political Polling and Mystery Shopping.

Assignments are conducted in most large and medium US markets. On occasions, we work in smaller cities.