Usually, consumers are not completely conscious of their feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs, or are not able to clearly articulate them. So it is difficult to identify the triggers that will become motivations or barriers towards specific behaviors. We use both traditional and innovative projective techniques to help consumers verbalize what is going on in their minds.


With 20 years of experience in qualitative projects, we have conducted over 2,000 focus groups for different product and service categories, usually being directly involved in all steps of the process, from screener and guide development, to analysis, report writing and presentation of results.

+ Focus group facilities in Miami and Buenos Aires (the largest in the country).

+ In-house recruiting and screening assure the participation of the precise target.

+ Bilingual, multicultural moderators who frequently travel all over the US and Latin America, are constantly updated in the general mind frames of the different populations and in particular trends and developments in different regions.

+ Ideation, archetyping, laddering, personification and other projective techniques.

+ Strategic reports include respondents' comments, concise conclusions and actionable recommendations. Personal presentation of findings.

+ Our team is always available for calls, briefings and consultations.

+ Experience with in-person and online qualitative methodologies.