If your project needs articulate people, not professional respondents (“the usual suspects”), we can provide strictly screened individuals for qualitative or ethnographic research in most product or service categories.


We have our own highly educated and common-sense recruiters. According to each particular project, respondents are targeted thoroughly by several demographic and psychographic variables. We carefully screen them to be sure they meet the exact criteria, have enough enthusiasm for the topic, and are vocal and articulated. This assures that participants are a good fit for the project and are engaged with the subject matter.

We customize our recruiting approach to the population and market that we are trying to reach, and to each project’s topic. We combine a variety of recruitment methods: database, referrals, social media, newspaper ads, online boards, and even direct contact at the street, malls, parks, etc. We are always looking at ways of finding high-quality, engaged respondents.

We are known for our high quality recruits, high attendance rate, quick turnaround and project management skills. We have a vast respondent database, so we can recruit different segments, with special emphasis in housewives, young adults, and upscale consumers.