product testing

Having an understanding of what consumers like and desire is critical in developing, launching or adapting a product in a way that will best meet their needs and expectations, and improve their whole usage experience. And real consumers, themselves, will provide the most accurate feedback regarding a product they use or might use.

Product testing helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of almost any type of product, and to measure the effects of brand name, packaging and price on perceived product quality. Additionally, this methodology can assist in developing or optimizing packaging, visual identity and positioning.

With over twenty years of experience in market research, Focus99 has designed, coordinated and carried out product testing projects for several multinationals and start-ups. Our efficient approach enables us to be extremely competitive in terms of costs and timing.

According to needs of each project, we design, program and host the surveys, diaries and bulletin boards, or use the client's own material to obtain the desired output. Our team can also tabulate the data, perform statistical analysis, and generate actionable reports.

Being a full-service research company, we can integrate qualitative research into product testing to provide an emotional context and obtain detailed motivational insights into the habits, attitudes, needs and expectations of consumers regarding the category and the product.


Central Location Testing: carefully screened respondents are invited to a central location, where they are re-screened, and are given the product and a tablet in which they answer a pre-programmed survey. Clients are encouraged to attend in order to observe respondents interacting with the product.

In-Home Testing: used mainly for products that require multiple uses to accurately measure reactions. We ship the product, along with the support material, to respondents carefully selected from our own database. Research tools may include usage diaries, online surveys and online bulletin boards.