copy testing

Ads are, by far, the most effective way to Inform, Remind and Persuade consumers about brands, products or services. Recognizing the attitudes created, shaped and changed by these ads helps to estimate their potential effectiveness.

We have applied the findings of comprehensive psychological and anthropological research conducted around the world to refine a model that accounts for the variables that shape the advertising experience, based on a deep understanding of the consumer. This model shows that the effectiveness of an ad is initially determined by its ability to engage and communicate at rational and emotional levels. Recollections of the feelings and information conveyed by the ad interact with existing needs and wants to mold attitudes and trigger action.

Based on this model, we have used the qual+quant workshops to test dozens of commercials for different product and service categories. Using either raw ideas, storyboards, animatics or finished ads, this methodology allows to:
  > Verify an ad's fit with its communication objectives and strategy.
  > Establish the emotional charge and the amount of information generated by an ad.
  > Diagnose which components are working and which need refining.
  > Compare reactions against other ads and across different demographic segments.

How it Works
1. Between 25 and 30 pre-screened respondents are gathered in a room.
2. The stimulus is shown. The moderator introduces the relevant questions.
3. Respondents have keypads to answer multiple-choice questions projected on a screen, and worksheets to individually answer open-ended questions.
4. Discussion periods and additional showings of the stimulus are interspaced throughout the session.
5. Clients in the viewing room watch and listen to consumers, examine the quantitative results in real-time, and pose questions to be discussed by respondents.


Methodology Advantages
+ Large groups offer a degree of statistical significance. Group dynamic allows deep probing for individual opinions and contrasting views.
+ Strict screening process assures participation of the precise target. Conducted by one professional moderator, ensuring consistency and quality.
+ Keypads allow anonymity, encouraging unbiased responses and full participation. Game-show feeling generates a stimulating experience for respondents and clients.
+ Standard questions permit comparing measurements against other stimuli. Works well with ideas, concepts, storyboards, animatics, mockups, ads, etc.
+ Compression of the research cycle makes it extremely time effective. Clients are involved and can formulate questions during the process.