Since 1995, we have been committed to helping our clients understand their current and potential customers, and to provide accurate and timely information to create meaningful brand experiences and develop relevant market strategies. A veteran team of professionals with extensive experience in different categories of products and services, we implement a variety of high-quality studies, using both traditional and innovative methodologies, designed to pinpoint challenges and opportunities. Click for Client List.


Over 23 years of experience conducting focus groups, IDIs and ethnographies for different product and service categories. Multicultural moderators frequently travel all over the US and Latin America and are constantly updated in particular mind frames and trends in different regions. Strategic reports with actionable insights and recommendations.

In-house recruiting, a vast respondent database and strict screening assure high quality participants who are engaged and articulate, quick turnaround and high attendance rate.


Either for Telephone, Personal or Online interviews, a highly motivated team of in-house interviewers, and tight supervision and validation, guarantee the reliability and safety of the data.

Carefully designed samples, rigorously pre-tested questionnaires and internal data processing, ensure quality, confidentiality and timely results.


We have evaluated numerous products at different stages of development, from initial ideas to finalized items. Used for name, packaging and pricing testing and for organoleptic trials. Excellent way to generate ideas for new positioning strategies, line extensions and new products, to diagnose the attributes that are working and those that need refining, and to compare reactions against competing products and across different segments. At the same time, clients can see consumers interacting with their products in real time.


Facilities in Miami and Buenos Aires with capacity for up to 30 participants and 10 clients. Complimentary A/V, recording and translation equipment. FocusVision capabilities. Free drinks and hors d'oeuvres and varied menus. Flexible configurations: regular meeting room, classroom, living room or testing stations. Extremely accessible and conveniently located near main hotels and restaurants.

25 SE 2nd Avenue, Ste. 345
Miami, FL 33131
Tel: 1-305-416-0606

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Uruguay 782, 2ndo piso
Buenos Aires, C1015ABP
Tel: 54-11-4371-9849

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